Perfect Temperature

ORIGIN: TERPOMETER are pioneers of the temperature controlled , Analog Dabbing™ experience.  “THE TERPOMETER” revolutionized  710 culture as the first industry specific thermometer. Designed for Quartz, titanium, or ceramic the TERPOMETER will provide a perfect and consistent experience.

True to the Terps

Our mission was to demystify and refine the extract experience. Chazzed bangers, stop watches and guesswork are now a thing of the past!

Terpometer Technology

Often imitated, never duplicated. TERPOMETER products utilize our patented RGB light indication system. The screen will illuminate Green at the perfect temperature to enjoy extracts. US Patent No.10,690,553


Designed for Precision

  • Displays °F & °C

    Hold for 3 Sec

  • Power On/Off

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  • TerpSensor 100%

    Exact Temperature